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Nitish, the new youth Icon

Nitish Kumar Nagar, a name that needs no introduction. Going by the popularity he has gained in the last few years amongst the young generation, it is no surprise that he has been awarded with the honour of ‘Youth icon”. Residents of Faridabad feel honour in telling that Nitish is a resident of this industrial town of Faridabad only. Nitish, born and brought up in a farmer family of Gujjar community, has transformed the traditional image of a Gujjar youth.
Nitish’s elegant life style and his multidimensional personality has made an impact of every person who has ever met him. The way he handles the family business is something amazing that his family also says.


Apart from his professional traits, he has gained popularity among the society due to his association with the every section of the society. Be it a millionaire industrialist, a fashion icon or a poor daily wage earner. He is there to help anybody, whatever the need be. His heart beats for the needy and poor. Association with a number of non government organisations has made him find out the ways to reach the needy. He is there to promote education for girls, promoting self defence training for girls from rural sector, finding ways to promote activities for making poor sections of the society self reliant. He says that whatever the conditions prevail, education and health are on top of all priorities. Nitish has already proven his political traits too from the very early stage of his college days.


This provided him an insight into the political system of the country and also helped him the ways to make good repo with each and every person, irrespective of his social status. This also benefited him with love and support of each person he is known to by any reference. Nitish Nagar’s family is an ace supporter of Congress party and are following the ideology of the party.



Talking about his close associates, he has a large number of friends in the entertainment industry. He is in good relations with the big names in cricket also. His pleasing personality has blessed him with close links with the B-town and music industry.


Nitish is a fitness freak and is known for his healthy eating habits and practicing fitness schedules. He is also looking forward to launch his fitness programs in his own brand. His varied qualities has fetched him large number of followers on social media, be it instagram, facebook or other social networking platforms.

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